Mail Tags

I am trying to use the program MailTags which claims to be compatible with DT Pro to tag email in Apple Mail and import selected messages into DT. When I do that, however, the messages are imported but the tags are not visible. MailTag works fine with Eaglefiler and the tags are visible in Leap so I’m guessing it is a DT issue. The tags are not visible when tagged with Gravity Tags as well. Interestingly, DT gives an error message in the error log stating that the email is an “unsupported format” Not sure if there is a better way to bring email messages into DT other than using the sorter

Also, using the scripts that come with DT still doesn’t work. No tags visible in DT. All other tagged file types work fine.

I can’t offer any assistance other than to say that I have been using MailTags and DTPO together successfully since back when they both started supporting OpenMeta. I usually use the Pro Office’s plug-in to get messages into DTPO, but I’ve also tested dragging emails into the Sorter. Either way, the tags come across for me.

Which scripts are not working for you?

I’m using the DevonThink scripts that come up when you select a mail message. They say “add message to Devon Think” and add mailbox to Devon Think. The message comes over but not the tags. Also doesn’t work using the sorter

I’ve never tried those scripts before now, and I can confirm that the MailTags do not get imported when using them. Have you tried dragging the emails to the DEVONthink icon in the dock? Doing that also imports the tags for me.

I’d like to say that helped but it didn’t. No matter how I import mail into DT, there are no tags. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any images and I get an error message stating it is an unrecognized file format

I was able to reproduce the unrecognized file format by dragging multiple emails to the Sorter, and the MailTags tags were not imported with the message. You might want to try what I have suggested in this thread, importing a single email at a time to see if it works before trying it with multiple emails.

Amazingly, that didn’t work either. Still gives an “unrecognized format” message in the error log. Also, when an email is added to the database, there are no images if the email has html. Not sure if that is correct either. I guess it is time to email DT support

Could this be a feature that Pro Office adds over the Pro version?

I recently upgraded to the Pro Office version just so I could add email into the database. The Pro version will add the eml file that is generated by Mail but none of the text is searchable, the Pro Office version indexes the text out of the message as well.

I have also started using MailTags and it works as suggested although I’ve used the plug-in for Mail that puts the Add to DevonThink Pro Office menu item into the Message menu. The last update for DevonThink included the ability to drag more than one mail item in, this also works with tags attached.

Having read the rest of this thread I’ve just tried dragging multiple tagged mail items to the Sorter and that’s working as well. The mail items arrive in the In Box as separate items with tags attached.

Images arrive if you turn on the Download remote images in HTML messages option in the Email section of DevonThink’s preferences. This may be a DTPO feature though, I can’t tell any longer as I don’t have a Pro version installed.

Regards Alan

Thanks for the thought. Although DT has gotten back to me on all my questions, this forum has clearly been more helpful. I trialled DT Office and decided to go with Pro since I didn’t need OCR capability. The one thing I did need was email tag support. I can say that when you look at the comparison of the two versions, it is not readily obvious that the email tag support is only in Office but I guess that is part of the “email archive” function. So you are totally correct. It is an Office feature only. Now I need to decide if I want to pay the difference to get the function…thanks for the help

one thing could explain the differences. Here it works with DTPO, when I use the the plug in, but only when I add a Mail Tag as “Schlagwort” in german, I think in English this would be Tag. Then you see the tag in the Tag line of DTPO. But with projects it did not work. This is showing up not in the tag line, but in the comment field of the info panel.

My feelings were much the same as you with regard to OCR. I upgraded for the email capability which of course included the OCR. I had a go at converting scans off my flatbed which worked quite well but is not a great way to scan in a number of documents.

In the end I bought a ScanSnap 1300 which is really great, now I have started scanning in all sorts of paper documents like receipts for major purchases as well as tax and banking information. It makes it easier to look up on the computer than rummaging through my filing cabinet.

For me the upgrade to get email was worth it and the OCR was a bonus.

Check with DT that the issue is down to the way that DTPO handles email over DTP, I’m guessing.

Regards Alan

Like Alan, I upgraded from Pro to Pro Office for the email functionality. I did not know that tag importing was part of the Pro Office features, but the Mail plug-ins and the fact that you can toggle the view of emails in Pro Office to copy, click on URLs, etc., was worth the difference in price for me. Glad to hear that a solution was found.

Thanks to all for the solution. Now I just need to pay the $$$. I too have a scansnap S1300 and my wife has an S510M. Unbelievably good scanners. That’s how I started this endeavor…attempting to make sense of the mountains of papers. I guess I’m in this far…