Mail: What does it mean to 'Add to DevonThink.'

I am trying to use ( trust ) DevonThink to manage various projects that include email messages. I am using MacOS Mail App, via Proton Bridge, with the underlying mail system being ProtonMail.

When I select ‘Add to DevonThink’ via the Message Menu in MacOS Mail, what is actually happening. Is a complete copy of the email being placed into DevonThink? Is it a pointer to that email on the local machine? Is it a pointer to the email on the IMAP server? What happens when I sync a project to another machine or DTTG. Are the contents of that email available to me? If I delete the email from my mailbox, does it still live in DevonThink? Forever? And what about attachments? Are they also copied to DevonThink?


Simply, it copies the email to the database in DEVONthink.

No pointers to the IMAP server or local email directory. And yes, since it’s a copy, deleting from Mail has no effect.
Since it’s a copy, obviously a sync would include the email as it’s just an imported file.

Attachments can be imported separately, via drag and drop from the mail in Mail or in DEVONthink. There are also the mail scripts in the global Script menu in Mail to import messages and attachments.

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Thanks. I’ll take a look at the scripts too.

You’re welcome.