Mailbox Structure Not Being Displayed in Devonthink

I have integrated my Gmail email ox via Apple Mail to Devobthink.

The email box folder structure in Gmail, displays correctly sometimes, but often after restating DT3, it displays as many individual folders without any structure.

Sometimes it displays. Very unreliable and unpredictable & I havn’t yet work out what can make it reliably display…

As I only Archive some folder structure, when the structure display is lost, I have to do archve at a individual folder level.

Any ideas why is the structure not persisting & how to “focre:” the structured folder display?.

Where exactly do you see this? In View > Sidebar > Import > Emails? Is the plugin for Apple Mail installed & enabled? Does it make a difference whether Apple Mail is already running or not? And finally, is anything logged to Windows > Log?

@Paul I am curious to learn how you have done your archival. Or was it importing maybe?

As I am doing some tests on email import and archive just right now, I can tell you that on my Catalina setup with DT3.5.1 things seem to be working fine, this is the result of the archive of my test Gmail account:


New email tests is a new database I have created specifically for this kind of tests, and by selecting “Archive Mailbox“ this is the resulting structure. Granted, I have no labels/folders in my setup, but as you can see the full structure of the mailbox has been correctly archived.

I had to fight a little to understand the real difference between import and archive but this old message from @BLUEFROG made things clear to me:

Curious to see how this develops.

Bye, Luca

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I am using Archive consistently as this is what is advised as best for honouring the mailbox structure.

In my case, the structure within the DT3 Database is OK.

It is the view of the Mailbox within the Import View of the mailbox that is the issue. The mailbox structure is lost & then appears treated as individual folders.


I see, @Paul.

FWIW, this is what I see from my email import panel on the left side, appears to be normal:

You might want to follow @cgrunenberg’s advice and do some debugging to see what might be going wrong.

Bye, Luca

I closed and opened DT3 about 3 times over a 4 hour period and on the last reopen, it is now displaying the structure of my Gmail/Apple mail box now and I can Archive from a particular folder & it Archives all sub folders outstanding emails.

Just strange and inconsistent behaviour, where on some occasions when opened the folder structure is lost & all folders displayed on same level & treated as individual folders with no subfolder relationship.

Nothing else like Refreshing the mailbox from within DT3 helps.

Hopefully this will be fixed in a future release to be reliable & consistent behaviour.

DEVONthink receives the information from Apple Mail, so I’m not sure if there’s anything we can fix.
Have you tried a Mailbox > Rebuild in Apple Mail?

Apple mail is always running.

I am seeing this behaviour under the “Import” view



Did you try the rebuild I suggested?

As explained above, after 3 attempts to restart DT3 the problem disappeared by itself & the correct structure of the folders was displayed in the import screen.

This righted itself before I did a Apple Mail Mailbox Rebuild, but yes have done as suggested, but I cannot tell if this has had any effect. If the issue is observed again, I will try the Rebuild of the mailbox first to see if this can be a way to reliably address the issue if & when it occurs.

Thanks for all the help.

No problem. Hopefully, the rebuild will be helpful and it’s not a bad idea as older and/or fuller email accounts can sometimes have inconsistencies.

Also perhaps there is some miscommunication between Mail and DEVONthink.

just though i would update on this problem After 25+ days I eventually restarted DT3 and now I have again lost the folder structure of my Gmail email, via Mac Mail. This time after multiple restarts no luck in regaining the structure, h=just a single level display of all folders and subfolders.

This has pretty much trashed any automation I had done of filing based on specific folders and if I now Archive a folder, it creates a new folder in DT3 database and any automation is redundant as this is now seen as a brand new folder.

Very frustrating.

I have rebuilt the Gmail to Mac Mail several times, but no change & in MHO is a DT3 problem.

It would be great if this got some attention and was sorted out.

Was anything logged to Windows > Log?

I am seeing the following.

Devonthink 3 all seems enabled in Mac Mail correctly.

The mailbox hierarchy can’t be used without the plugin, see second message in Log window. Did you install the plugin (e.g. an update of macOS might require a reinstallation), is it still enabled in Mail’s preferences?

Here is the Mac Mail preferences.

No DT3
Do I need to re-enable DT Pro?

Close, but not there! It’s in the General tile:

Working perfectly again.
So grateful for your help.
Guess an upgrade of something, Mac OSX or a recent DT3 update must have disabled.
Happy all that automation is now working again.


sadly each time there is an update to DT3, that setting is lost and must be done by hand again.

Part of the post-update checklist, I guess!

Happy to have been of help!


Each update of macOS disables it but not every update of DEVONthink includes an updated Mail plugin which would also disable it.