Mailing files to devonthink to go

As a novice user I am discovering the possibilities of DEVONthink and trying to develop a ‘workflow’. One of the things I would like to be able to do, is email files as attachment and add them to DEVONthink. For instance, I have pdf’s on my windows pc at work that I want to add to DEVONthink.

On the Mac I have managed to do so. A dedicated ‘attachment inbox’ folder in Box is indexed by DEVONthink. Opening this group shows the mailed files. After a sync those files are also available in DEVONthink to go.

But how about if opening DEVONthink on the Mac is left out of the equation… and I want the files to be directly available in DEVONthink to Go?
Is this possible? And if so: how can it be done?


At the moment this is not possible we’re afraid. As iOS apps are closed systems there’s no way that it could ‘grab’ messages from Apple Mail and process them. It would need to become a mail client on its on. But: we have some other ideas on how we could make this work. Please stay tuned.

You cannot automate this process on iOS as Eric mentioned, but you can always import attachments manually to DEVONthink to Go using the share extension from your iOS email client.

Thank you both for your reply
I have been fiddling around with Workflow and IFTTT to automate the task. But that didn’t really make it easier (partly due to the lack of knowledge of these apps on my part, but that is something for another forum…)
So for now I stick to using the share extension from iOS email. Awaiting coming updates of DEVONthink to go…