MailMate: support for a better email client


I’ve finally found my replacement for PowerMail (which does not really support either Unicode or IMAP :imp: ) in the form of MailMate. MailMate is IMAP only, POP is not supported. It is faster, more searchable and customisable then Mail, and so on. :arrow_right: But I can no longer archive my email with DevonThink, because this client is too new to be supported. Any other users out there? Here’s hoping DT will support MailMate, too. It’s the future…

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MailMate does not support AppleScript and therefore can’t be supported yet.

I’d like to bump this question. I think MailMate has some AppleScript support now, and is gaining an increasingly large following after its highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

I’ve migrated from Apple Mail to Mailmate. I realize DevonTech can’t support every third party app, but if there could even be simple support for imported messages from MailMate to DevonThink, I – and I suspect many others – would be a very happy camper. DT is the best data management app there is, and MailMate is quickly turning into a power user’s best email application. If the two worked together, it’d be a killer combo.


MailMate’s AppleScript is unfortunately still almost non-existing.

Contact MailMate’s Support team and request deeper Applescript support. The more flexibility they provide the more likely we (or you / anyone) can accomplish this.

Thanks for the quick replies. I apologize, I thought MailMate had gained AppleScript support – there are a couple of bundles that link it to Evernote and OmniFocus, and I thought they were using AppleScript to do that.

I’ll contact Benny, the developer. He’s very responsive.

Hello folks, just a quick note to let you all know that I have been in touch with Benny at MailMate regarding adding the capability to archive e-mails from MM to DT. As always, he responded quickly and it is now included in the 64-bit beta that can be downloaded from:

To activate this feature, you will have to go into the Preferences and go to the “bundles” tab and select DT from the list of options. Once activated, you will be able to select the message(s) you wish to archive and then go to “Command” from the Menu bar and select the DT “Add” option. You will then find the archive message(s) in your DT Smart folder or your designated folder for e-mail archives. I am still in the early testing phase and would love to hear from others who may be using it or plan to do so.

Feel free to contact Benny and provide feedback as he is very responsive and appreciates hearing from users. I have paid for pretty much every e-mail client available and am most pleased with MM.

It is necessary to first activate MailMate’s “Experimental 2.0 Features”, and relaunch MailMate before this Bundles tab will be present in Preferences. The feature in MailMate adds the selected message(s) to the destination specified in DEVONthink > Preferences > Import > Destination. The MailMate feature differs from DEVONthink’s Add to DEVONthink Pro Office feature in that it does not handle message converations (threads – sent messages relating to the imported message are not search and imported) and it will repeateady import aleady imported messages – something DEVONthink’s importer will not do. MailMate’s AppleScript dictionary is still very minimal – the mail importer mentioned above is a case of MailMate scripting DEVONthink, not MailMate scripting itself.

MailMate now has support for AppleScript. What I am looking for is a way for DEVONthink Pro Office to pull in the emails and the attachments, but not just a reference to the attachment.

Essentially I want a tag or link between the two files located in DEVONthink, this will allow me to pull in all my emails and remove them from the server.

Unfortunately MailMate’s AppleScript support is very limited and not sufficient.