Mailplane as a source for email imported into DTPO?

Has anyone attempted the creation of scripts that move individual email messages or threads as represented in Mailplane (which is a front-end to GMail) to DTPO?

I rather dislike Apple’s, and keep it running ONLY to supply the source of mail to be incorporated into DTPO. I’d welcome a script, or at least a pointer or two as a basis on which I might try to hack something together.


I had a look at the AppleScript support of Mailplane but unfortunately it’s too limited and seems to be only useful to compose new messages.

has anybody able to achieve Mailplane to DTPO? Here is the “Mailplane3 to Omnifocus” plugin for the reference.

Mailplane’s AppleScript support is still not sufficient.

Very strange for a MAC only application.
Is there any applescript that can Print (Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro) the mail with the Mailplane mail link (⌃⌥⌘C) in the note URL?

Mailplane is more or less just a specialized browser, it doesn’t handle accounts, messages or mailboxes on its own. However, the next release of DEVONthink will automatically grab the current URL (e.g. after printing a PDF or taking notes).

That will be awesome!! Thanks.

I have created a Keyboard Maestro macro to import selected message in Mailplane 3 to DEVONthink. I have used Sorter’s note taking approach.
The Macro will do the following:

a)	Import the selected message alongwith its previous conversation.
b)	Add the Subject as the Note title.
c)	Mailplane URL as Note URL.
d)	Add "email" as tag.
e)	Left the sorter open to input/edit additional info.

With my limited scripting capabilty, I have yet to acheive the following in this Macro:

Add a horizontal line below the to: fileld.
Add a line “View conversation in Mailplane or Gmail” as the first line of the note. “Mailplane” and “Gmail” will contain the links generated from Mailplane app.

You can download the Macro from here.

@civilian very cool, thanks for sharing. Can you clarify what you mean by Sorter’s note-taking process?

I meant to say that, it uses sorter to import the note in DTPO. The process in not done in the background, like in Evernote.

Thanks for the clarification.