I did a search but on this keyword in the forum but wasn’t clear so figured I’d start a dedicated thread.

I make extensive use of MailTags in my email workflow. I also have DTPO and am now looking for the first time to do some serious mail archiving. I’ve read that DTPO will recognize and use MailTags information, but I’m not sure how. Does it just lump it all into a bucket called ‘meta data’ or does it distinguish between keywords and notes, for example? How does one search using this criteria?

I’m trying to decide if I want DTPO to be my mail archive or if I want to look at MailSteward. Regardless, DTPO is my information library, my only question is archiving email. Thanks.

They are put in the comments and the appropriate meta data fields (visible in “Additional Information” of the Info panel). Just give it a try with the demo version and you can check it out. You need to install the Mail plugin for this to work.