Make a new group in "Groups & Tags" panel

I’m currently moving my records between databases using the “Groups & Tags” panel (source database opened in DT main window while navigating destination database in “Groups & Tags”).

According to numerous posts in the forum it seems to be the best option but it gets a pain when the group I want to move the record to is missing in the destination database (and so in the “Groups & Tags”).
You have to go back to DT main window, switch to destination database, navigate to the destination parent folder, create new folder, return to source database and finally move the record.

It would be much easier to right-click on a group in “Groups & Tags” and select a contextual menu command “New Group”.

Any hopes to see implemented in future DT releases?


+100! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a terrific version of the “Groups” HUD that appears when Preferences > Import > Destination > Select Group is set, which has these features:

I’ve always wondered why that is not the standard for all Group HUDs – as it is, there are at least three (probably more) HUDS. The Groups & Tags panel, the Select Group panel (the one in the image, above), and that ugly, ugly, ugly, difficult-to-navigate panel that appears in the Clip to DEVONthink extension (did I mention it was ugly?).

Not only agreeing with Johseb, but hoping that someday the interface would have a standard, navigable, and functional version of the Groups HUD.

Let’s see, there’s the Properties HUD, the Take Note HUD, all the various views of the Sorter… I used to like the UI/UX of the HUD, but I really don’t care for it now. Probably from trying to use the painful Ammonite HUD interface for as long as I did.