Make DT respond to file:///.../*.pdf page links with separate window?

I’m trying to make DT3 respond to pdf page links (clicked on from another app’s interface) by opening that pdf to the specified page in a separate viewer window, instead of its main interface.

Is there a way to do that? A setting or a modification to the file:/// ULR?


replace UUID with the record UUID and the X with the page number starting from 0

How odd. Previously, when I tried using the page links (right-click, copy as page link), the links opened the pdf in the main interface (in one of the panes of the 3-paned window). But now it’s opening in the separate window… is there a setting that governs that? I want to make sure this remains the behavior it’s exhibiting now.

Thanks for your reply, and apologies for not double-checking that it works the way I wanted to in the first place.