Make "Update Indexed Items" scriptable

I take notes in a a VoodooPad document which I export as a web site. I index the bits and pieces of that site (individual HTML pages relating to individual notes). The indexed items are stored in various groups in databases. If I update my VoodooPad document and re-export the web site, then those updates are reflected instantly in the database because when an indexed HTML file is selected in DEVONthink it is the current version on disk that is shown.

However, the notes are not searchable in the Find box or the Search panel until FIle > Update Indexed Items is used, or if a triggered script like the Synchronize script is attached to that document.

The result is a bit odd – I can see the text, but I can’t “find” the text until DEVONthink’s metadata is updated via Update Indexed Items.

If Update Indexed Items were scriptable I could write scripts to update my indices in the background from time to time - or if some external event (like publishing my wiki) makes it advisable to update my databases.

Seems esoteric, but I think this would give users who depend heavily on indexing a lot more flexibility than triggered scripts or the existing “Synchronize” AppleScript command. And, because it would be individual choice how to run the thing, or ignore the feature, then DEVONtech need not concern itself with the dreaded “request for new options”. :laughing:

Actually this command is identical to the “synchronize record …” AppleScript command which is used by the Synchronize.scpt script. Or do you want to use other script languages?