Making a template folder with local filters

Hello DT’ers

I’m trying to set up a DEVONthink database as a research and writing environment. In order to achieve that, I’d like to organize a database into a set of folders for different topics. Per topic and folder, I’d create a set of smart folders / filters, looking for example for images and documents with specific tags.

So, what I’m trying to achieve is to make a template folder, with two subfolders, one called ‘data’ and another one which contains filters. These filters will then look for files in the data folder with specific tags or filetypes.

Now, to come to my question: is it possible to set smart group to always search within its ‘parent folder’? Right now, the smart group templates always search in the whole database - is it possible to make this search scope relative to the location of the smart group?

Manually setting the ‘search in’ for each filter would be rather cumbersome and defeat the purpose of setting up a template. Additionally, it would help by making existing filters easy to replace by new ones, by simply creating a new set of filters from the template.

Many thanks

While it is possible to export a Smart Group with the searchScope set to a group, it is hardcoded to that group’s name. It’s currently not possible to have it set to a relative location.

That is a pity, but thanks for your answer. I guess I’ll have to rethink my approach to sorting my data and notes.