Making an index of documents


I would like to make an index of my documents in a spreadsheet. For example, I’d like to include the title of the document, the group (or sub-group) it is in, the tags of the document, the type of the document, and perhaps a link to it. I have a lot of documents. maybe 60,000. I’m assuming I couldn’t do this all at once, but is there an automatic way to do this in stages? Is there a script that would create this in excel?

There are two scripts in DEVONthink Pro (Office)’s Script menu > Export that can be used / modified to suit your purposes: Export Metadata as CSV and Customizable Metadata Export. It works on a selection in your database.

Note: These scripts will not ”create a file in excel", but they generate a CSV file that can be opened in Excel / Numbers / etc.

thanks you’re an angel!

one more question - can you can just tell me how to change titles to Title Case (i see the lower case script but don’t see title case one)

There is no script for this, though it’s certainly possible to write one. Also definitions of “title case” vary. Some think it’s every word beginning with a capital letter. Others say only “primary words” are capitalized.