Making groups invisible

Something simple I would like: The ability to make a group or item “hidden”, or invisible, the same way I can make files invisible to the Finder. There would then be a global toggle option for ‘Show invisible’.

The reason I want this is that I have a huge database of financial documents, separated into categories like Banking//. After a while, some of these institutions become stale, as I’m no longer associated with them and their contents are getting a decade or more old. Rather than having to maintain a second, parallel hierarchy for “retired” groups, I’d like to mark the uninteresting groups as invisible, since odds are I won’t want to refer to them 99% of the time.

I’d still like their contents to show up in search results, however, unless I check a Preferences option named “Hide invisible items from search results.”

Thanks, John


This is a very interesting idea, thanks for bringing it up, John.

At first when I read it I thought, “huh?” Then I looked at some of my large databases and thought, “ah, yes!” Clever.

I’d like this switch also apply to the internal display of indexed groups (DT does not index hidden files/folders, AFAIK).

Yes, and the ability to hide them from the context menus such as ‘Move To’, and also to exclude them from auto-classification. Essentially, I want a “present but silent” contingent of ancient records.