Managing Databases

In playing around with DT Office Pro, I initially indexed all of my files into one database. I am now creating new databases so my original one doesn’t get too unwieldy. With my original (default) database, I had changed the name under Database Properties, but I notice that the Database file in my Documents folder didn’t change. All newly created database files appear as they do in my left panel, except this original database. Is this okay?

Also what is the best way to move files from one database to another? Remember, I have all these files indexed, not imported.

As you discovered, your databases have two possible names-the name of the dtBase2 file in the Finder and the name of the database in DEVONthink. Initially the names are the same, but you can change one name or the other with no harm, or you could also change the database name in the Finder to match the name in the database properties.

There are multiple ways to move files from an indexed database to a different, contained database. What I would do is first drag the documents from the indexed database to the target database. At this point they will still be indexed, so right-click on them and select ‘Move Into Database’ to import them.

I notice that Synchronize on works in my original database. When I move around files manually in my Finder, synchronizing doesn’t seem to show that change. Hmmm.

This is strange. I had quite DT and put my Created database files into a newly created folder called “DevonThink Databases.” When re-opening DT, I noticed 2 things: 1. The renamed Database is back to its default name and 2. I am getting this dialogue when opening up the newly created databases: “Database … seems to be already in use. The database you are trying to open seems to be either in use by another instance of DT Pro Office or has not been close properly the last time it was used…”
The databases open fine, but what am I to think of this? Am I supposed to somehow shut down each database before quitting?

To start up DT, should you open the app itself or double-click one of the database files?

Either method works fine; I use both. And certain actions from other apps will cause it to launch if it’s not already running.