Managing my bookmarks with Devonthink and Diigo

Hey all,

I’m wondering how you all manage your bookmarks with DTP. I use chrome as my main browser. Until last week, I would just use it’s native bookmark folder features, which are pretty wimpy.

I like to use DTP to capture web pages that have content I care about, not merely their source. I think that’s why most of us use DTP - for the AI, the search function, the benefit of having it all in one place.

But that still leaves the problem of how to keep and manage bookmarks. I’ve been using Diigo, and I really like it. It has many of the good features DTP does - tags, notes, a browser extension. The major difference is, I can use Diigo from within Chrome and go right to sites, rather than having to sort through DTP and then open sites in Chrome from there.

This setup is redundant though. I shouldn’t need to have bookmarks and their notes in two different places. I’d ideally like to do either or. So that’s my question to you all. How do you manage bookmarks? Do you just leave the bookmarking to your browser? Or have you found a way to integrate a third-party service like Diigo or Xmark with devonthink?

I want to know your workflow. :slight_smile:

I prefer Safari to Chrome, especially when i’m capturing data from the Web.

I keep some bookmarks in Safari, especially general interest sites that I’m likely to want to visit from my iPhone or iPad, as they are also visible on the iOS devices.

I have a large group of bookmarks in a Bookmarks group in a DEVONthink database, organized by subgroups reflecting categories of resources that I use a lot for research, including Journals, Governmental Agencies, News Sites, NGOs, etc. There are several hundred bookmarks in that collection, a much larger number than would be conveniently managed by a browser.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the response. So you have a specific folder or smartgroup for bookmarks in DT? And then, when you want to go somewhere specifically, do you use those bookmarks in your browser or do you browse within DTP?

I’m thinking more about it, and I think a setup like yours may be good. Keep very frequently traveled bookmarks in the browser itself and the rest can go into DTP with notes and tags, etc. It’s not that much more trouble to go in DT for bookmarks. It would be awesome if there were a browser extension that had a dropdown menu of the DTP bookmarks. Maybe that’s something for the future.

I’ve been using Diigo to set up a “Read it later” queue for me as well. How do you manage that? I was trying out Pocket a few days ago. It looks pretty sweet, and rather than bookmarks, it’s specifically for things to read at a later date.

Thanks again

Depends. I usually capture as either rich text or WebArchive of only a selected portion of a page, using Services. For those sites where Safari’s Reader button makes it convenient, I may open the bookmark in Safari.

If something is worth reading later, I simply capture it to a database. :slight_smile: