Manipulating margins on database records

Hi, guys!

Lately I’ve used formatted notes (with the DEVONthink decluttering service) to save articles from the web, rather than .webarchive. My working theory (which may not be correct) is that formatted notes are a bit less of a proprietary file format and more likely to play nice with other Apps/SW.

Only “problem” so far: somehow, when I view these formatted notes on my iPhone, the margins are disproportionately large. This isn’t a problem on larger screens, of course. On the iPhone, I need to do a ridiculous amount of scrolling to read an article. Is there some trick I can use to reduce the margins on these notes? Any tips or clues would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, Formatted Notes are not a proprietary format. The margins are controlled by the app’s internal stylesheet. We will look into this. Thanks!

Great! Thanks :wink:

One drawback with using formatted notes, is that the combination of formatted notes and decluttering isn’t possible in the iOS-app.

Would it be possible to add “formatted note (clutter-free)” to this list?


I know that this list can get long, if everyone’s wish is to be accounted for, but it would make the iOS-app more useful to me, at least :wink: