Manual or Help? Syncing - Push or Manual?

I recently took the plunge and bought DTTG after years of using DTP on my macs.
I’d be grateful for some assistance on a couple of matters:

  1. there seems to be no manual or user guide for DTTG and the ? help menu on the iPad version is almost useless. is there an online guide anywhere?
  2. I’ve managed to sync between Mac & iPad but I can’t seem to find anything in the app on either platform that sets up ongoing syncing. is there one or do we have to go through the laborious task of finding the buried “Synchronize” button on DTTG every time we want to sync?

Like most iOS apps there is no manual available for DEVONthink To Go as most functions are more or less self-explanatory.

The current sync is already marked “deprecated” internally and will as soon as ever possible be replaced by the new sync technology we’re current developing also for the Mac side.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Many of the best iDevice apps have succinct but clear help windows that explain how the app works… because what might be more self-explanatory to the developer might be less self-explanatory to the customer.
Ha ha… “deprecated” is a tad harsh :slight_smile: I look forward to a non-manual sync function in future updates.

Because most iOS apps are doing it the wong way, we do it the wrong way too? Clients, we don’t want to write a manual for you, because the other developers don’t do so. What kind of customer philosophy is that? “Are you going to jump off from the bridge because others did so too?” was my dad’s favourite question in situations like these. How about outshining those other apps by providing a decent manual or documentation? I have Seen quite some apps doing so. And I expect something like that from an app having a price tag like DTTG.