Manual workaround for missing Reading list and Favourites sync?

Syncing of Reading list and Favourites between Macs is from my understanding still missing, right?

Is there a way to simulate this manually by e.g. copying some plists or other config files from one machine to another?

Of course this is not really a two-way sync, than rather a overwrite on one side… Anyway, it would be better than recreating a long list of favourites or reading list items by hand.

Yes, you could copy ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Favorites.plist. But the reading list should already be synchronized.

Will try out c0pying the Favorites plist. Thanks.

Readinglist doesn’t seem to sync for me. What is the sync “hooked” on? The Inbox database or just iCloud?

Any sync location should be sufficient if the option to synchronize reading list & positions is enabled.

Does that pertain to a sync of the Global Inbox and not a sync of other databases?

The database doesn’t matter (and the global inbox is just a special database).

OK I am confused then. How do I distinguish the the situation (a) I want to sync my personal desktop and laptop computers so I have a shared reading list, from (b) I want to sync one or more of my databases with a team member but do not want to sync my personal reading list with that person

In that case you need multiple sync locations with different settings.

OK - what is the setting that defines whether the Reading List is included in a given sync location?

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Thanks Christian.

I doublechecked and yes, the Reading List is synced. (Before I thought they are not synced, beacuse on one Mac I switched to Unread only while on the other Mac I saw All items… :blush:)

Just confirming: Copying Favorites.plist works like a charm. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Where do I find this I can’t see how to synch the reading list

Control-click the sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync and choose Show Info. Enable Synchronize reading list & positions

Got it but it is not synch on iPad etc.

If the Reading List in DEVONthink To Go is showing a number but no items when you go into it, this is an already reported issue and should be addressed in the next maintenance release.