Many duplicates when I do a search

When I do a search in DT I often will get results with, say 100 records, but many of them are duplicates. The DT database is an index of an external folder (i.e. the data are not held WITHIN DT), and there are no duplicates in the external folder.
How do I stop getting so many duplicates.



Unlike the definition of “duplicate” that applies to the Finder, DEVONthink identifies items that are highly similar (not necessarily identical) in content as “duplicates”.

So, does that mean if I have an article XYZ and highlight a word or two, then the search will find XYZ and ‘highlighted XYZ’; because lots of the ‘duplicates’ are virtually identical.


Yes, of course. The text content of those two documents would be identical.

If that is the case, is there any way to tell DT that you just want ONE file if the NAME is the same.


I am tired of seeing so many copies of documents in my search results. Is there a way to limit a search result to one copy of the doc? If the doc doesn’t change, why do I get so many copies of the same doc?
Also, sorry in advance for the dumb question, but what is the purpose of the DTAgent folder in DT? (I’m talking about the one with the green icon.) TIA

How would you limit this – how would DEVONthink choose the one you want to see and choose the duplicates to ignore? When you duplicate a document you could select one of the copies and choose Tools > Show Info > Exclude from Search.
what is the purpose of the DTAgent folder in DT? (I’m talking about the one with the green icon.)
The icon for DEVONagent is green. Where (in what context) are you see this “DTAgent Folder”?

Thanks for the response. But it is a difficult issue to communicate. Basically in my results I get multiple copies of the same document because the search is bringing me the same doc. Is this what the Search Set/Results/Advanced/“Only new pages” radio box is about?

My second questions refers to DTP/Global Inbox/the green Agent group. If it is in the pdf manual please advise.


Ah – this forum section is about DEVONthink – reading your questions I see that you’re referring to DEVONagent – which is where that setting you mention is located. You might want to switch to the DEVONagent portion of the forum.

I’m clueless – in 7 years I’ve never see a “green Agent group” in DEVONthink’s Global Inbox. :frowning:

Well the duplicate docs note refers to the DTAgent’s results that post into DT.

The green Agent icon group posts in DT as well. I just don’t know how to use it. I think it posts the Search Set results into DT.

Perhaps I’ve linked the two incorrectly.

Thanks for the comments.