Many files marked failed to convert

I guess this is where questions on 2.0 are going…so:

After converting a few databases, there were a few named files that failed to convert but many documents marked as conversion failed such as:

5:49:51 PM: ~/Documents/DT Files/Ireland.dtBase/Convert/000000/000001/000001/000002/000001/000002/000002/000001/000000.pdf No Text

After booting from a clone drive (is there a way to have 1.5 and 2.0 installed at the same time??) the few named files were indeed missing in the 2.0 database and the file count between the two versions of the databases was accurate taking into account the few named files that weren’t converted so I don’t see any “missing files” in the new version by count anyway.

What kind of freaked me out (maybe in a good way once I am sure) is that the new databases were so much small going in one case from 2 gb to 500mb).

I think everything is ok but what am I missing about these many numbered pdf files??

My database went from 2.7 gigs to 1.3 . Pretty nice. Also the initial initializing/verifying when it first opens is now almost instantaneous. Very nice!

Got to agree so far…tremendous improvements in the database performance overall.


I have found several PDF, doc, and webarchive files that have failed to import. And yet, when I locate them in the Finder (or, at least, copies of those files in another folder) I could drag them into the database with success.

However, I just converted a 2.6 6GB database (reduced to 820 MB!) and am faced with trying to locate only those files that failed on import. Is there a way to easily find these several dozen files and try to import them again before I (eventually) delete the DtPro v.1 database?

I tried to import 21 GBs and have over 1000 incomprehensibly labeled pdfs (the majority), rm, avi, mp3 and other unknown files that did not convert. I cant identify these numbered things.

Thank GOD the .dtbase file is still available :smiley: because I cavalierly forgot to archive before converting.

What is the recommended way of overcoming this?

Can I open DTPO 1.5.4 and DT2 side-by-side and copy them over? Is that a no-no?
Do I kiss my DTPO 1.5.4 database files goodbye?
Do I export the DTPO 1.5.4 files one-by-one to a Finder folder?
Do I try the conversion all over again?

Or do I have a stiff drink?

[P.S. Actually, I had 1762 files in one folder containing many folders, and now I have 163 (DT2). The majority of these were entered via Services, and I had the DT internal PDF maker checked in Preferences in 1.5.4.]

Going to bed. It’s 4:30 AM here.

I’m having the same problem. 10,690 files exported, 261 :exclamation: imported. Zero PDFs were imported, emails failed to import, JPGs etc…

No idea what to do…!

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Suggestion for cases where many files fail to make the conversion:

  1. Revert to the 1.x version of the DEVONthink application. See tips at viewtopic.php?f=18&t=7117 about having two versions of the application installed at the same time.

  2. Run maintenance on the 1.x database: Verify & Repair, followed (if no errors) by Backup & Optimize.

  3. If you have any unfiled content at the top level of the 1.x database (as shown by content visible in Three Panes with no group selected), move that content into a new group at the top level, perhaps a group named “Unfiled Items”. Now, take a look at File > Database Properties. You might now make a selected area screenshot of that panel.

  4. In the top level view, select ALL groups and choose File > Export > Files & Folders. Create a new Finder folder to hold the exported material, and save your content to that folder.

  5. Following the export, examine the Log. If items are listed that failed to export, save the Log for subsequent evaluation. For example, were these Index-captured files that may have had broken Paths? Were they generally of the same filetype?

  6. Revert to the DEVONthink 2 application. Create a new database. Now File > Import > Files & Folders ALL the contents of that folder holding the exported content of the 1.x database.

  7. Following the import, examine the Log. If items that failed to be imported are listed, save the Log for subsequent evaluation.

8) Examine the new version 2.0 database. Take a look at File > Database Properties and make a selected area screenshot of that panel. Are your documents properly named, e.g., PDFs? Note any problems.

Was this new database a better capture of the content of your 1.x database, or not?

In Console logs, is there a recent crash log for either version of the DEVONthink application? (But please don’t copy crash logs to the forum – send a message to Support with as much information as you can supply about the problems you encountered.)

Thanks, Bill. Following the procedure you described, I was able to successfully export / import over 99% of my data into the 2.0 database.

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FWIW, I had many of my files fail to convert during the upgrade to 2.0 as well. Mostly they were links to Word documents that were simply indexed in the prior database and not actually imported. My solution was to go back and reindex those files by looking at the log report to figure out what files were not brought into 2.0.

But recently I also believe that many pdf documents were not imported into the 2.0 database. Is it possible to open the 1.xx version of the database in 2.0 so I can go check for the missing files? If not, do I have to redownload 1.xx and install it to open the old database?

Cameron Graber
Austin, Texas

Cameron, see You will need to look at your version 1.x database with your version 1.x DEVONthink application. For Pro/Office databases, either DT Pro 1.5.4 or DT Pro Office 1.5.4 will open the database.

You can produce a list of all the PDFs in your version 2 database in this way. Click on the All PDFs group to display them. In the list pane, select one and choose Command-A to select all, then Command-C to copy to the clipboard.

Now open a new TextEdit file and CONVERT IT TO PLAIN TEXT. Paste the clipboard contents into that new plain text window and you will have an alphabetical listing of all the PDFs in that database.

Back in your 1.x database under your 1.x DEVONthink application, you can use the History view, sorted by Kind, to produce a list of all PDF plus PDF_Text files in that database, copying it to the clipboard and pasting into a plain text TextEdit document as above. The downside of this list is that it won’t be in alphabetical order.

Better, you could Search your version 1.x database for “pdf” (no case) in the URL/Path option, and alpha-sort by Name on the results list. Copying the list results to the clipboard as above and pasting into a plain text-formatted TextEdit document will result in a similar list, but probably including some documents that are not really PDF or PDF+Text. This can be corrected by sorting by Kind to separate by Kind, then selecting the PDF and PDF+Text documents and replicating them to a new group, sorted by Name. Now select that alphabetized list and produce the alpha-sorted list in TextEdit as above.

There are your definitive lists of PDFs in the version 1.x and 2.0 databases.

It’s a good idea to monitor the Log results of conversion from 1.x to 2.0 and saves the report, as a text file, which can be printed. It’s likely that some of the PDFs noted in the Log will actually be in the 2.0 database.