Many topics in one Scan

What is the best procedure?
When Scanning Aritcles or getting them with PDF, many times different topics are in the same scan/PDF. What would you suggest to do?
I tried to select and copy one topic and make a new note per topic. But I am not able to make the selection enough flexible. When I have 2 columns the text flow remains across the page. Selection of blocks with Alt is possible but I think there is no possibility to add several selections…
What solutions are possible?


I wouldn’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s true that ideally documents should contain a single topic and that they should be correctly classified.

But the purpose of your database is really to help you, rather than to be your master.

Just classify such a mixed-topic document reasonably well, perhaps classifying it into the most important topic area, or replicating it to a couple of topics. You don’t need to spend too much time on such documents. If you need the information contained in them, your database will probably find them for you no matter how you have ‘filed’ them.

Thank you for the answer. Helps a lot.

The source is a bi-monthly collection of all relevant research papers, reviews, letters reporting original research, editorials and case reports of palliative medicine. So there are not only different topics in the same article, but it is also possible to have the same topic serveral times in the article.

I am new to DEVON - to see all the found articles you would have to use “Go to next”?

Replicating and putting it in different folders seems a very good idea for later. Would that increase the relevance of the article regarding a specific topic?


It’s not unlike saving an electronic journal or book, as multiple topics (but dealing with a general topical area) will be contained. I would tend to create a subgroup named something like ‘Misc Palliative Medicine’ and be done with it.

Not really. I would suggest that for searches you use the Tools > Search page, which displays (readable at a glance) the search operators. Click on the name of a search result and the query term(s) will be highlighted. Press Command-G to move downwards in the document to the next occurrence of the term(s). Tip: Click in the document pane or open it in its own window. Now press Command-F. The Find panel will already be loaded with the search terms. Press Command-G to move downward.

No. See my comment above. Replicating the general collection over and over into specific topical groups won’t make them more precise. On the contrary, that would probably ‘fuzz’ them up a bit. But the odds are that ‘See Also’ will work reasonably well for you, if you keep your general periodicals in a group and also keep specific articles (from other sources, e.g. Web captures) filed more precisely.

Great! thats what I am doing at the moment.
So its the solution thats the easiest, thats also the best :wink:

When the database gets filled, I think I have to experiment with the difference, that a folder structure makes in addition to the AI based results.