"mark" tag style in WYSIWYG broken in dark mode

Maybe this is already fixed in the next version, but for the chance it is not the “mark” tag style in the markdown WYSIWYG editor is broken in dark mode at the moment.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-29 um 18.13.08
There is not an internal file to edit the WYSIWYG style by any chance?

Also, as long as the stylesheet for <mark> does not state background-color: yellow; it is not detected by the md parser and just displays ==sometext== in the html preview.

No, there is no internal file to edit WYSWYG settings.
This will be addressed the next release…

Wonderfull :slight_smile: .

It looks like there is a bug in the md parser.
The mark after a code fence is not detected.

==Algorithm Selection Sort==

# julia
function selection_sort!(v::AbstractVector)
    n = length(v)

    for i in 1:n - 1
        min_idx = i
        for j in i + 1:n
            if v[j] < v[min_idx]
                min_idx = j
        v[i], v[min_idx] = v[min_idx], v[i]

    return v

==Algorithmus with mark not working==

This is what I’m seeing in the current internal build…

Strange :thinking: mine looks like this with vanilla theme no prism or anything in an empty document:

Still using {==text==} works as it should.

This is definitely advocated as it’s the CriticMarkup syntax supported by MultiMarkdown.

Again, bearing in mind I’m testing our current internal build.

This probably means it has already been fixed :slight_smile: .
I will use {== for now, still I prefer the shorter ==.