Markdown and hyperlinks


I am new to DT (switching from Evernote) and I like it a lot! I am however experiencing an issue now: I am creating markdown notes including hyperlinks that have the following syntax:


So my markdown hyperlink would look something like this

(link)(– (sorry, cannot use brackets)

So far all good, but when I know click the link in DT, it does not work; the reason seems to be that the DT markdown editor interprets the :p: part of the string, changing the hyperlink into something like:


I could open the document in my markdown editor (I use Typora) and the link still works, but of course I would like to open it directly in DT.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue (while still keeping my notes as Markdown notes)?

Thanks a lot for your feedback,

Now I make this post, I see that DT apparently interprets the characters as a smiley :wink: (which is not how it is meant obviously)

Where is this syntax coming from?

Actually, I am trying to insert web links to Sharepoint pages; in these Sharepoint web addresses the sequence “colon p colon” or “colon b colon” (without the spaces) is used. The DT markdown editor appears to interpret these sequences as a special character or an emoji, which I want to avoid as this screws up the web link (so actually when this sequence is part of a web link, the markdown editor should not consider it as being a special character or an emoji). I hope I am a bit clear here…:wink:

glad to hear another user of typora and devonthink, what i’m missing more is the lack of support of markdown diagram inside DT, mainly the integration with mermaid
i use it a lot in my development works, for documentation purposes

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It’s hard to tell whether these links are really valid, could you send an example document to cgrunenberg - at - A screenshot of Preferences > Markdown might be useful too. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for fixing this in the latest release. All links working smoothly now :grinning: