Markdown Annotation with Links and Tags :Script Request


I am trying to improve my workflow that I set up with Keyboardmaestro. I figured that the current setup is not very efficient since it does not work 50% of time I use it. Maybe you can help me with a script that does the same thing.

So I like to annotate a document in my database that I am currently viewing. So I press CMD+N that does the following:

  1. copy item Link of current document
  2. get window name of current document (actually the document name would be nicer to have)
  3. create a new Text file 2012-02-19_18-30.ft in the same folder
  4. set URL to the link I copied form my document
  5. add the Tag “Log”
  6. open the annotation
  7. write this header in the annotation

	Entered on 2013-02-19
	at 18:30 
	by me

[Name of the document that I am currently annotating.pdf](x-devonthink-item://AAAAABBC-1E2F-3FE4-56E7-E55CDED55555)


I use the tag “Log” for all my annotations and notes. This allows me the view them all in a smart folder.

Do you have any idea how the setup a script or template that would do the same thing.
Thank you for you help in advance.

This might give you some ideas to consider:

I use a KM palette with my DEVONthink markdown link script.

BTW, have you remapped command-n to your KM macro? Command-n is the default DEVONthink keyboard shortcut for Data > New > With Clipboard – perhaps there’s a conflict with your KM macro and that’s causing a failure?