Markdown bullet point indent

Hello, I would like to suggest a possible improvements for markdown editing in DT3.

In DT3’s WYSIWYG markdown editor, when I create a bullet point ‘-’, click ‘enter’ and then ‘tab’, in the intent of creating a sub-point, it will yield the following results:

- point 1
- (tab)

The bullet point ‘-’ will not indent after pressing ‘tab’. Instead, DT3 will just create a ‘tab’ space after the ‘-’.

However, a more intuitive way for me, and also the behavior of other editors like iA writer would be:

- point 1
    - point 1.1

After pressing enter to create a new ‘-’ point, pressing tab will indent the whole bullet point ‘-’ to create a sub-point.

I think this would be a small but useful improvement in creating markdown list. Please consider.


In the meantime, in the new line where the “-” is presented for you, put your cursor before the “-” and press tab. Also (I cannot test this since I do not have iAWriter) you can “open with…” iAWriter or most any other editor the markdown document you store in DEVONthink to get your preference.

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Yes, please!


Agreed, this would be a great addition built into the editor.

As a temporary measure I’ve created KM macros to provide this functionality. It’s a little hacky but does work pretty well in most scenarios.




wow, this is good! thanks!

Yes, please, would love that functionality built into the Devonthink editor!!

Been waiting for this features for a long time. Indenting just arrived on DTTG. Please add for Mac as well.