Markdown css color

Although I have added xxx.css, my preview file( still has no color but code style.
So, how can I change my code color?..So confused…

After switching to the preview of the Markdown document, either via the navigation bar (see icons in the upper right corner of your screenshot) or via View > Document Display > …, the stylesheet should be used.

So, how can I change my code color?

There is no syntax highlighting as you edit the Markdown in DEVONthink, if that’s what you’re referring to.

Also, your CSS would need to have syntax highlighting in order for it to render differently than a standard code block (which does not natively support it).

Not sure if I understood right what you want to do, but maybe this post from @BLUEFROG could help

I’ve found some ways to achieve the functions, which means that I need to add some codes like

at the top of markdown every time.

So, I think it is not a smart operation… It is a little bit hassle to do that.

Finally, I write Markdown at VS code and I copy the content to Devonthink and select “New formatted Note”, which I think it is more easy to show my content…