Markdown CSS styles for Devonthink


I know there are many threads here about CSS styles for markdown documents in DTP.

I am looking for a style that supports also darkmode, works good also on iphone/ipad, is easy to read and not too fancy, and should also allow to print out documents without black background. Anyone here that wants to share his/her CSS style?

another question: would it theoretically be possible to overlay a markdown document to a pdf/image (e.g. a letter template with logo/footnotes etc)?

Best wishes, Vinschger

Which means what exactly?

You can include images in MD.

Some time ago, someone posted a CSS that many people here (not me, though) seemed to like. Personally, I’d suggest that you roll your own CSS as you should know best what you deem “not too fancy” and “easy to read”.

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I was hoping to get a good starting point and inspiration by seeing some of your samples… would be great if you can share what works well for you! As a newbie to CSS/markdown seeing how others use it might help. Thanks so much in advance.

Why not start with the CSS that DEVONthink provides? and there are others here.

Well, I’m not sure that this is worthy of sharing. But you came, you asked nicely, and I don’t want you to leave empty-handed.

This is based on work by Oliver Spinnler, and now has dark and light modes. It also has encoded background images. Be aware that I embed a lot of HTML into my Markdown files so this has a lot of class css to support that.

I suggest you just pull out the parts that you understand and want and use that to build your own framework as @chrillek suggests. Good luck!

DEVONthink CSS (7.3 KB)


thank you!