Markdown editing + DTTG

Hello, long time user of DT + DTTG and recently discovered simplicity of markdown and switched from rich text. Editing markdown is painful without proper support of markdown such as auto bullet for next subsequent line, no auto indent and such. Would next version support markdown better? Would DTTG new version come out this year after waited very long time? Do add more markdown support.

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Welcome @Unidude

proper support of markdown such as auto bullet for next subsequent line, no auto indent and such.

These aren’t Markdown features. These are options some Markdown editors include.

The next release of DEVONthink To Go will not have any new Markdown features (and it’s certainly possible to write Markdown without those specific options). We are investigating frameworks to replace the text editor for a future release.

Editor catering for markdown is what needed + everyone knows can write markdown even with text editor + it would not be pleasant experience. DT + DTTG need to make it easier for markdown users. DTTG update taking so long!

Just ran into this trialing DTTG. Doesn’t look like there’s any assistance editing markdown, or am l missing something?

Presume manually entering markdown or opening in another app’s the best workaround, although latter won’t work with bespoke syntax, eg, highlighting?

Actually using an external editor like iAwriter is a good idea.
Drafts is a wonderful editor but stores files in its own silo which makes it a bit more hassle to work with other apps.
There are probably other apps, too. Would be best if they support MultiMarkdown.

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As DTTG supports “in place” documents - you can edit any document directly in any editor supporting “in place” documents, e.g. 1Writer on iOS.

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I know. Drafts does not support that though, which is a bit of a shame given it’s otherwise great set of features.

  • What kind of assistance are you referring to?
  • What bespoke syntax, e.g., highlighting ? We use CriticMarkup which is known and supported by MultiMarkdown.

To apply formatting like you can on the MacOS version.

Thanks for mentioning this. I tried using 1Writer and iA Writer to edit MD files in DTTG about a year or two ago and it was a bit of a nightmare with changes not saving and the editor crashing. Inspired by your tip I just tried it again and 1Writer seems to work a charm. iA Writer keeps crashing for me at the moment, though.

Good to know.

Stay tuned for the next release of DEVONthink To Go. :smiley:


Downloaded the update recently—excellent.

Bravo, DEVONthink team :clap: