Markdown editing experience

Perhaps something for the DT team to consider would be the ability to select a default plaint text font and line spacing in edit modes of markdown? I am using mostly markdown, but I personally find the edit view where I spend most of the time drafting notes is too cramped for my eyes.
Would love to be able to write (rather than just preview) with my preferred line spacing and font in all versions. I think it would make a world of difference to me.
I would also like to see some of the clever tools in the toolbar port over to the mac. E.g table generator etc.
Finally if I have a markdown document with one or two lines, and I select that text, a pop up menu bar appears but largely obscures the menu bar at the top of the document editing pane. I note a lot of app put that sort of menu bar below the window, and that might help prevent this?


Requests are noted, with no promises.

maybe some sort of an additional css stylesheet for the editing window :wink: ?

Plain text has no formatting or styling so a stylesheet wouldn’t apply to the source.