Markdown effect different from Typora

I tried to use DT3 as my main markdown app, but I notice that the preview result in DT3 is kind of different from the one in Typora, which I personally love it so much.

I don’t know the reason for that, is syntax different? Since I have lots of markdown notes in obsidian(normally I also edit in typora but fortunately obsidian and typora are almost same syntax).

Now I tried to move them from obsidian to DT3 to organise more efficiently, but it will be trouble if preview results are different from external md editor.

Anyone have a good suggestion?

DEVONthink uses MultiMarkdown, couldn’t find out what Typora uses.

If you intend your sublist with a tab it should work.

@MichaelJAQ did you try it using a tab?

I change below setting in the Typora, now it works.


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