Markdown export from browser failed

I really often used the functionality to save website content as Markdown.
Just now the export generates not markdown documents anymore, only webloc-files.


Does a restart of the app or a reboot of the computer fix this?

Yes, I have done that many times. I also waited for the next update,

What’s the full URL in this case?

but the problem occurs regardless of the provider / domain.

Which version of DEVONthink and of macOS do you use? I just clipped this website successfully using the same settings.

I have the problems on two macs

  • MacPro 2010 // Mojave, 10.14.6 (Version 14.1 (14611.
  • MAcbookPro 16’’// BigSur 11.3.1 (Safari 14.1 (16611.
  • all uses DTPro 3.7.2

How did you exactly activate the Sorter in this case?

I use it in two ways.

  1. the sharing menu

  2. by using the icon within the browser bar


I’m seeing no issue in Safari 14.1 in Catalina…

Are you running a custom network configuration?

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What do you mean with custom “network configuration”?

I’m within a local network, behind a router and an OPNSense Firewall. Primary DNS-Resolver for the clients is Pihole, forwarding to OPNSense with unbound DNS.

Ummm…. This. :wink:
That is definitely a non-standard setup.

No standard? What is standard?

This is a simple Small / Medium Business architecture. I used DTPro in complex environments without such problems.

For one, a piHole wouldn’t be commonly used in a corporate setting.

I’d say the majority of our clientele use whatever is out of the box from their Internet provider.

You are using a custom setup tailored to your situation. I’d be looking for any firewall or DNS messages that may be at play.

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Can you explain me please the relation between the behavior of the Sorter and DNS or firewall? Then I can search more targeted.
I would exclude Pihole, since I have been using the setup practically unchanged for years. If, I would look at the OPNSense more closely. But it would be easier if I knew what to look for.

Both Markdown clippings and decluttered clippings use our own Markdownifier server (based on for clipping the actual web page. If it’s blocked by your firewall or piHole, then it’s not possible to capture using these settings.

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I analyzed my Pihole log files: There are no entries related to to find.

On my OPNSense I don’t use any block lists. Standard ports (like 433) are correctly forwarded / NATed.
I don’t have any other issues within my LAN.

For testing purposes I whitelisted the as wildcard regex.


Same behavior like before:

Does the Heckyesmarkdown-API need special ports to open?

Our own server is based on Heckyesmarkdown but doesn’t use it any longer, the domain is

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okayyyy . . now we are on the track…

I will analyze my OPNSense. But from a general point of view, I can’t understand how OPNsense will block this domain if I don’t use domain blocking inside my firewall.

PS.: I cannot find any related log entries within my OPNSense.