Markdown export strangeness: DT 3.8 and macOS 12.0.1

If I select a markdown record (with a .md extension) in DT and choose Export > Document… DT forces me to save the file as webarchive. However, if I do exactly the same and choose Export > Files and Folders… the file is saved as a “proper” markdown file with the .md extension. That did not happen with the previous version of DT under macOS 11. (In other words, then I could export either single or selected files as markdown files—using the Export > Document… menu option—without being forced to choose the irrelevant webarchive.)

For what it’s worth, showing information, in Finder, for the exported markdown file (i.e., using the second procedure outlined above) shows it for opening by TextEdit (the default) and correctly previews the file.

Just in case it’s relevant I do have installed the QLMarkdown app for previewing markdown files.

Edit: using the DT feature to convert the offending file(s) to markdown makes no difference.


File > Export > Document… exports either the source (.md) or the rendered view (.webarchive) depending on what is currently visible.

Thanks so much for that: I never realised! You are, of course, correct—but I was a little surprised because that didn’t previously happen. I must remember to go to the source when I wish to export as markdown.


There is still something strange, I think.

  • Export a markdown record as Document (with the record opened in source view) and the result is a file with the .md extension—but which, however, cannot be previewed by QLMarkdown.
  • Follow the same procedure and export as Files and Folders… (with the record opened in rendered view) and the result is a file that QLMarkdown will preview.

There just seem to me to be some rather odd inconsistencies between the two export functions.


Please zip both exported files and send the archive to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!

Thank you: both files just sent as requested.