Markdown file converted to pdf including header and footer

as it is now possible to have DT3 automatically convert a markdown file to pdf I would like to use this feature for my notes workflow and save a pdf of my markdown-notes in an external folder

but i would like to implement “headers” and “footers” in this pdfs using markdown metadata like that:

top left: %title
top right: Note of %date
then a line to separate the header from the text

line to separate the footer from the text
bottom left: author %nameofauthor
bottom right: page x of y

is there a way to implement my wishes?

Thx for your help

You should look into pandoc. You will probably have to spend some time studying the documentation to figure out how to do what you want using the HTML or the LaTeX path to convert MD to PDF. The former is easier, but the latter wages better results.

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