Markdown file text invisible in 3.8.2

I updated to 3.8.2, and all of my notes (markdown) are invisible, except for blue links. I use the dark background option and my custom css has nothing color-related. I have to go into edit mode to view my notes. Bug or feature?

I’m not seeing that here. iOS 17.5 with DEVONthink ToGo 3.8.2 with no custom CSS, DEVONthink ToGo tested with Dark Mode tried on and off, and System Display “Appearance” tried both Light and Dark mode.

Perhaps do a restart of device, and perhaps post here your custom CSS for the CSS gurus to have a peek?

works perfect here. does it work when you do not use a customized CSS stylesheet? Please post your customized CSS stylesheet here, so we can have a look.

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I saw that exact thing after the update. I saved some CSS experiments I had in the settings for markdown in iOS as a text file to back them up then cleared out the CSS setting and got the default CSS view back.

I am a very occasional experimenter with CSS but the default one suits me fine most of the time. There are little things I’d like to change but nothing enough to go to the trouble of following @chrillek suggestions of converting a page to HTML and opening the inspector in a browser to see what I would have to change to make that happen. Maybe one day.

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If you have a custom CSS, you must define it completely in DTTG. Since 3.8.2, the default CSS does not get loaded when you define a custom one.
That’s because the default CSS currently makes it too difficult to be overriden with custom rules.

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This. My css was not a complete definition. If I remove it, I can read everything again. I could post it, but it’s just simple margin and font changes. Thanks!

Can’t speak for the developers of DEVONthink, but seeing an example of some CSS that inadvertently makes text invisible could be of interest, should they chose to pursue. Without your CSS, no chance.

This is technically accurate in that people wanted to dismiss internal styling when providing their own. This logically would include @media queries that define white text on a black field in dark mode with the dark background enabled. And disabling the dark background does show the text.

I’m filing an issue on this but it does satisfy the requests to ignore internal styling. But yes, that puts the onus on the individual to add more styling than they may have expected. It’s kind of a “having your cake and eating it too” situation, in my mind.


This makes total sense to me now and I think it will make custom css more useful overall. It just caught me off guard—I didn’t read the release notes carefully enough. For my bug or feature question, I can see it’s a feature.

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