markdown files display blank page on iOS - any solution?

So I recently decided to move to DevonThink. Started using it, then realized that Markdown files show up as blank files on my iOS device. New install of DTG and a text file saved as Markdown format - and no display. Same text file as saved as text file, displayed fine.

DevonThink Mac development support is not able to reproduce the error. So I figured I will post here and see if anybody else has faced a similar problem with Markdown in DTG on iOS?

It is the latest iOS release and 6s Plus.

Could you please send an example file, ideally zipped, to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

Do you have any other Markdown-related applications installed on your Mac, e.g. a specialized Markdown editor?

On the Mac yes.

  1. Typora
  2. MacDown
  3. NvAlt

Do note, that the non-display of Markdown happens on the iPhone. And it happens even if I do a clean install of DTG and create a Markdown file on the phone and in DTG, with the markdown file having nothing but text. The same file displays when created as plain text. So even without interaction with my Mac, and without any sync setup, it does not display.

Thanks for helping me fix the issue.

I can confirm this happens to me too in at least 2 files where I’ve added a custom stylesheet using MultiMarkdown Metadata. What actually seems to be happening is that until the stylesheet is downloaded, no markdown is rendered. Ideally I’d like to see DTTG cache this information in the event I’m without internet connection at the time.

After a couple of seconds though, text does show up properly themed as per my custom css.

No such luck for me. Not that I have any custom stylesheets. Even a text file saved as markdown file does not show! :frowning:

What iPhone do you use? It might be a 32-bit issue.

6s Plus with latest iOS - 10.0.2.

Seeing this issue on my iPad Pro.

There are a couple of other problems too, but I haven’t characterized them yet.

Even this is an old thread - this happens to me as well.
Steps to reproduce on my iPhone 6s+ running iOS 10.3, DTTG 2.1.2 (16079) + Pro Package:

  • In Global Inbox click on the + sign
  • Select Text for the New Item
  • Choose a name, in my case: MyMDTest
  • Type something in the body
  • Click on the > sign
  • Select Markdown and click Done
  • Open the new Dokument MyMDTest => empty
  • Open the document in your favourite text editor => the body is there

I haven’t been able to reproduce the blank markdown file issue here. Could you send us a copy of the console log file. To do this:

  • Press the ? button
  • Select Contact us
  • Add a comment for the attention of Alan.

Thanks Alan for your response. I sent the requested log.

I’ve recently noticed this behaviour as well. Annoying when checking my markdown notes on an airplane!

Alan, have you received the log file?