Markdown files extension on DTTG


I think the DevonTHINK to Go is capturing webs on markdown with the .markdown extension instead of with .md. While DT3 is capturing them with .md.

I really prefer the md extension since it’s simpler and smaller, and I consistency across the board would be appreciated.


PS/ I’ve skimmed the DTTG settings and I haven’t seen anything related, but perhaps there is something I haven’t seen.

A workaround for converting those with .markdown extension is to search for then on the DT3 —and create a smart folder— and then you can convert then to markdown —right click ➜ Convert ➜ To Markdown. A exact copy of those is going to be created, but with .md as extension. Now you can delete the original ones.

Thank you for the hint. Version 2.7.5 will change this. For manually created documents .md was always the preferred extension.

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