Markdown importer, images and links inline

Hello, I am a recent new user of Devonthink.
I use it mostly to save webpages in the Markdown format with the browser extension.
There’s something that bothers me about this importer. It’s the fact that each link or image is referenced on the bottom of the document (and not inline in the text).


rather than


Is there a way to change the behaviour of the importer? I didn’t find any native way but maybe with a script?

Thanks for your help

Welcome @alxrey

No, you can’t change the output of the clipping extension. May I ask what is the particular issue is with the way the data converts?

Thanks for your prompt reply @BLUEFROG

It’s because I often like to “clean up” the markdown that I import.
A concrete example:
I import a page which has in the middle a box saying “Subscribe to our newsletter”, with a link on “subscribe”. I generally remove this line after importing. So two choices : either I let the line with the link on the bottom of the document but it is useless, either I remove it but I’ve a hole in the numerotation of the links.

I can of course live with that, but if there was a way to do the things clearer (easily) I would prefer.

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Understood and the Markdown conversion goes through a specific processor that can’t be user-adjusted. I can’t say IF or WHEN it may be changed but the request is noted.

Okay thanks for the feedback.

In the meantime, and if anybody is interested pandoc do the job with this command:

pandoc --from markdown --to markdown --output [output_file].md [input_file].md

All that’s left is to call it from an Applescript to integrate it into Devonthink.

A simple script could do the same thing from within DT.