Markdown items not found by content?


I have a database of ~28000 items. I don’t seem to be able to find Markdown documents in DTTG based on their content. E.g. when I create a test Markdown record with content “xyz” - the record is not found when searching for “xyz”. I’ve tried to reindex utility command, but no difference.

Any suggestions?

Try putting an asterisk wildcard at the end of the search term. Does that work?

Did you press Return after entering the search term?

I did press return when searching and adding an asterisk did make no difference (other documents popped up, but not the one I was looking for)

The document

The search result (not listing ‘test index defgh’)

I’m curious about something in this regard. Are you syncing the database the “xyz” doc is in with another device?
I’ve noticed that DTTG searches for newly created docs only work AFTER the database has synced, in my case, via Bonjour to a Mac acting as the server.
I’ve never fully chased this problem down though.

I have a daily journal database with one entry per day (title format 2022MMDD) and a bunch of iOS shortcuts that generate markdown formatted text for activity entries that then do a search for today’s journal md doc and open it so I can paste it in. I’ve noticed the shortcuts don’t find todays doc until the database has been synced with the Mac.
Not sure if that’s something you could check in your set up.

Can you start a support ticket so we can look at the logs?

I’ve dug a bit more into it. At some point I noticed the “22502 items” appearing at the bottom. Apparently the app never got enough time to index the items. But there was no indication of the items were or were not already indexed. I ‘fixed’ this by setting my iPhone to not go to sleep and letting it index all the items. It seems to be working now!

At the same time it begs the question: how can I check the indexing status? Or: how can I let the app index items? Should I keep it open in some way?

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The indexing status is just shown under the databases on the home screen or at the bottom of the item list. It will appear and disappear if the indexing takes more than a few seconds.

That is true of course, although there does not seem to be a way to view if indexing still needs to take place (e.g. whether it is 50% done or so). I would presume that if that is the case the bottom indicator would show, but from my experience it can take a while for the bottom indicator to show, if at all.

Also - I thought that the search was working now, but it seems to be different after a sync again. It points to what @SlickSlack is also experiencing. For me after a first sync I can find the Markdown document by content. After a later sync I cannot anymore… I can’t discern a pattern as to why it is found at one moment and not at another. I’ll file a bug report so hopefully we can find out.