Markdown links open in preview mode

There appears to be a bug where all x-callback links to markdown files from other markdown files are opening in preview mode despite Media prefs set to “Markdown Display: Edit Documents”

This occurs when the link is clicked from a markdown document in preview mode (Markdown must be in preview mode for the links to be clickable)

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Are you referring to the behavior when opening a Markdown document in a document window, then clicking the rendered link?

As an aside: These are URL schemes (commands), not x-callback-urls. An x-callback-url is a specific type of URL scheme that returns a value to the calling application.

Thanks for the correction - yes, when clicking on a link in a markdown document in “Preview” mode in either a document window or when open in the document pane in three-pane view

We’ll have to look into this. I did see it occur in a document window for sure.

PS: Bear in mind we have people on well-deserved holiday vacation schedules. Extra patience is especially appreciated!

This is currently intentional, the current display mode is retained (e.g. after switching to preview mode you can browse your linked documents in this mode).