Markdown Links with CJK Characters Fail on DTTG

As the title says, Markdown links with CJK characters fail on DTTG but not on DEVONthink. The links are visible but simply don’t work. This happens both with a link produced by a TOC and with an anchor link. See the attached file.

I did power off iPhone and restart DTTG but the behaviour was still the same. My expectation is that links should work the same on both DTTG and DEVONthink.

iOS 15.8 – This is the latest available for my iPhone.
DTTG 3.7.7 (17402)

macOS Monterey 12.7.1 – This is the latest available for my Macintosh.
DEVONthink 3 Version 3.9.4 (891 Bytes)

Thanks for the report!
We will look at this in due time. :slight_smile:

Fixed in DTTG 3.7.8 (17408). Thanks!

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