Markdown margins


For the life of me I can’t find where the printing margins for markdown documents are set. There aren’t in the printer driver settings, nor anywhere else it seems. Please help.

Thank you.

There aren’t inherent printing margins with Markdown as there is no concept of pages. However, printing should honor settings made in File > Page Setup. This is an example where I have set up a Letter RingBound page size, using a 1.5 inch left margin…

I believe it’s the File > Print dialog you have there rather than File > Page Setup, which on my end looks like this:

Sadly there are no margin option to be found, on either dialog box, at least with my printer. I didn’t know this was driver related. Even without the concept of pages, it seems logical to expect DT to have some control over markdown rendering when printed (since it already controls the font used).

My screencap is correct. I was showing the preview of the printed page using the custom page size I defined.

I see. Apparently it’s also possible on my end to define a “custom size” and set margins there, although it’s a bit convoluted to have to define a paper size specifically for DT just in order to get a basic markdown file out on standard A4 paper.

You don’t have to define a custom paper size, but you mentioned trying to control margins. This is how it would be done.

OK, thank you.