Markdown Metadata vs DT Metadata

Should I assume Markdown metadata and DEVONthink metadata are exclusive of each other?

E.g., I assign metadata to a markdown document via “title:interesting title” does not become the DT Title property.

Is there a way to do this?

They are distinct from each other so there is no correlation.

Considering Markdown documents don’t have a Title property, what exactly would you expect it to do?

Seeing as there is no universally accepted and applied standard for markdown, in the RFC sense for example, the typography suggested as indicating “metadata” is only a convention. Someone else might have a different typographical convention. Or use YAML headers. And so on. This could get messy.

You could of course write a script to parse your file, look for typographical indicators that mean something to you, and create database metadata from the content of those text blocks.

Not sure if I understood what exactly you want, but maybe you could modify this script.

I’m being honest I was referring to these properties (See attached) and didn’t even realize they weren’t available to MD files. Thank you for that clarification.

Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 9.54.28 AM

That script looks interesting, thank you

I appreciate the insight

didn’t even realize they weren’t available to MD files.

Actually those properties are only available to Rich Text and PDF files.

See Help > Documentation > Inspectors > Document > Properties.