Markdown -> PDF export with "Alias" Wikilinks enabled


I have Wikilinks enabled with both [[]] and Alias options.
Say I am working on a markdown file and want to export this file as a PDF.
Is there a way to disable alias option before exporting? Currently what i am getting is a PDF with clickable links for words which belong to an alias in Devonthink:
As in this example, I want that the word “strategy” is not displayed as a clickable link in my PDF exported file.

The workaround of disabling aliases in the global configuration works. But I would appreciate some more flexible option (if possible).


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Development would have to assess this but the software is doing exactly what you set it up to do.

Understood :slight_smile: I guess my idea would be to ask for an export settings pane allowing me to “disable” wikilinking separately [[]] and alias before exporting a (pdf) file. If it is not possible to specify 2 types of wikilinks separately I would vote to disable all/enable all as an option or maybe consider just offering disable “alias”.
Maybe it would offer one more menu after “as PDF” saying “with wilikins enabled” / “with wikilins disabled”.

Why does it make sense? [[]] links might make sense outside of DT database (once properly converted to their respective targets). “alias” links probably make no sense outside of DT in an exported (pdf) file as they basically point to e.g. tag in DT which is not understood by MacOS.

Why specifically this workflow? My notes are in markdown and I leverage wikilins in DT for knowledge management. But my exported docs are in PDFs for final distribution to their readers - there these links make no sense / do not work :slight_smile: So export option could be be offered to create “clean” docs before exporting out of my knowledge management software DT.

I hope this explanation makes sense / helps to understand the use-case.

One possibility is to convert the Markdown document to a PDF first and then to use Data > Convert > to PDF without annotations. This will remove all links including item links too. Of course that’s probably not an option if your Markdown document contains web links.

Thanks for this recommendation - it is good it to know this option exists.

  1. when i try to use this option with my markdown file it is greyed out.


The file is a md file:

  1. I use DT as my default md processor. Please consider offering additional export feature from md > pdf which preserves markdown web links but disables all DT internal links such as aliases or internal [[]] wiki links (aka to PDF without Wikilinks). This would simplify the workflow dramatically while using DT as a markdown editor but producing PDFs for ultimate receiver of the docs who do not bother about my internal knowledge management or labels/tags which have no meaning outside of DT database.

Only PDF documents support this feature, therefore you have to convert the Markdown document first to a PDF and then convert the PDF to one without annotations.

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The solution to my problem was to use 3rd party md editor e.g. Typora. It offers easy export to PDF w/o the hassle of aliases conversion.