Markdown/Plain text vs Rich Text

I’m creating a new database for notes from my Voodoopad wiki. The aim is to create a heavily linked database of my daily projects, people I connect with and information I need to keep. This will grow with time.

Is there any advantage with either Markdown or Rich Text? I will need to sync the database with DTTG 2. I’m not too fussed with export as there are now plenty of md2rtf and rtf2md converters available.

I’m already experiencing that linking with plain text is not pleasant. You need to use full markdown link syntax to get that to work as opposed to just pasting in the link in rich text. However, in DTTG 2 there is an option of increasing the plain text size not the rich text size. This is necessary as I may need certain information in a meeting and very often the DTTG font size is way to small.

Many thanks

We are working on the RTF editor (bearing in mind, Rich Text is not a mobile native / friendly format so we have had to roll our own editor).

I personally would opt for Markdown over RTF nowadays.