MarkDown Preview including Wiki-Links [feature suggestion]


I would like to suggest an optional feature (could be toggled in preference pane) for the MarkDown Preview. In the past I used RTF with wiki-links a lot but also MarkDown documents. However, one thing I miss is the ability to get wiki-like links displayed in MarkDown Preview. They appear while editing if i switch to preview they are gone. I searched quite a while on the web and the forum but could not find any solution for an automated link generation.

Two possible ways to approach it:
1.) add them like in the editing view.
2.) add them through MarkDown using the [] syntax. In case that there is no "[]: " at the end of the document you create a wiki-like link.

  1. would be my personal favorite since linking is implicit (but might lead to false positives)
  2. would be at least a way to get these links setup while editing

But maybe its already in DT and I just could not find it :wink:. Help appreciated.

WikiLinks are displayed based on the settings in Preferences > Editing > WikiLinks. They are generated on the fly for plain text files and RTF – but not for Formatted Text, HTML, Markdown, or PDF. Even in cases where they are generated for text and RTF, they are not permanent – if you export those files the links disappear – and exist only in the context of the database views.

You can creat permanent links if instead of WikiLinks you use the Item Copy (Edit > Copy Item Link), which is the x-devonthink-item:// custom URL. Formatted Text, HTML and Markdown documents, in addition to RTF and Text will make those links clickable. Your second option would have to use the Item Links since there’s really “no there, there” for WikiLinks – they are generated on the fly in DEVONthink’s view port.

Takes a bit of getting used to. DEVONthink is not “really” a Wiki (e.g., it doesn’t use more “standard” wiki syntax like Media Wiki or ConnectedText).

Thanks for the explanation!

However, it means this thread is a feature request then :wink:. If one can generate WikiLinks on the fly for Text and RTF why not implement that for MarkDown and Co.? I understand that not everyone would like that behavior; making it optional would be fine.

I also understand that DT does not want to be Wiki software but having automatically generated crosslinks to other sources is an usefull ability also for knowledge bases and as such I understand DT.

Note that I am not saying we won’t eventually support this, but that it’s not as trivial as it is with RTF.