Markdown render error

Hi, I’m not sure where should I post this so I post here.
I have a markdown text like this:

— markdown text start —
Run commands:

ls -al

— markdown text end —

When Devonthink displays this, it only shows:
ls -al

Other markdown editors / viewers can display all the text including “Run commands:” text. Is there anyway I can fix this?
Thank you.

DEVONthink uses MultiMarkdown and lines at the top of the file like…

Run commands:

…are headers and therefore not rendered.

And to follow up on Criss’ comment…
Just add a single blank line at the top of the document.
MultiMarkdown metadata headers must always start at the top of the document, so adding a single blank line will treat the line with the colon as a paragraph.

Thank you, that solve it :+1: