Markdown style sheet for DTTG

Can I specify a custom markdown style sheet ?

Is the default style sheet editable ?

As noted in the Help > Documentation > Documents > Markdown Documents

And no, the default styling cannot be edited.
You can specify a stylesheet, add a default one, or create styling in the document itself. These are also mentioned in the same Help section.

My apologies if it was not clear, but as I mentioned that I was asking about DTTG.

I also looked at its help file and I didn’t see a way of setting the style sheet globally.


In DTTG, you can use the other possibilities mentioned in the documentation to provide a stylesheet. Namely a DT link to your CSS or a line

CSS: path-to.css

at the start of the MD file

No. It’s my turn to apologize. I failed to notice the forum section you posted in.
There currently is no Preference to set a default style sheet in DEVONthink To Go. This may be a feature in a future version.