Markdown Usefulness?

I have seen a lot of references to Markdown, some on these forums and as I do not know anything about it I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me? I am particularly interested to know what the usefulness of Markdown would be for general writing of documents, think essay length but including images, email addresses, web addresses, bibliographies and footnotes. I also like to use pdf so are Markdown documents convertible to pdf? I would appreciate it if replies could be kept to ‘simple’, (i.e. Nontechnical) language so i can get an understanding of the basics please. Thanks for any thoughts.

Remember this? What changed?

There’s no magic. Other than some tweaky features that a good markdown editor provides (like Byword, Ulysses, MultiMarkdown Composer, etc.), markdown is just another composer whose end result is no different than what you do with a rich-text editor. If you want to explore deeper, just try it. DEVONthink provides a minimalist markdown experience - but not the full syntax that dedicated composers do. (No multimarkdown here, which limits the usefulness of the built in composer, IMO.)

If you have no taste for anything that looks like coding, forget it.

Also, and here, and here and, as suggested before, lots of other opinions here and there in blogs.

All of the examples you asked (addresses, footnotes, export to PDF etc.,) are possible with markdown, but footnotes and others are not possible with DEVONthink’s markdown feature.

Thanks Korm, nothing has changed just me getting senile and forgetting that I have asked this question before. Oh dear.