Markdown wiki links + Feature suggestion


  1. When editing a Markdown document, automatic WikiLinks for Names and Aliases are underlined. However, I switch to “view” mode (Command+Alt+P) to see the text properly formatted, the WikiLinks are no longer visible or enabled. This makes WikiLinks much less useful when writing Markdown. Could this be added?

  2. I don’t know where development of DTPO 3 currently stands and which features are planned, but one of the features I’d most like to see is the ability to show text documents as large icons (similar to Scrivener’s corkboard), with a small text preview and the ability to shuffle the documents order. It would save me the need to have a separate app for planning a long text based on my research in DTPO.


Thanks for the suggestion, this is planned for future releases.

You can already change the order by using View > Sorting > Unsorted.

Great. Thanks.

Indeed, but this isn’t very well suited to ordering bits of text around since you can’t have a preview of the text (or its first few lines at least) on the icon, even when it’s enlarged (you have to Quick Look each icon). But thanks for the suggestion.

Also, if you’re already working on improving automatic Wiki links in Markdown, please notice that an entry aliased as “Paris, New York” will not underline the link beneath the comma and the space (i.e. it shows up as two separate links, which is confusing, although the link still works).


Aliases are a comma-delimited list so they shouldn’t contain internal commas.

Please accept this as another vote for supporting WikiLinks in markdown.

Best regards,

Carl Schulz