Markdownifier changes item source URL

Hi, all

I’m having a problem with DEVONthink Pro v. 2.9.11:

I save articles from RSS-feeds as items in DEVONthink for future reference. When the articles “arrive” in DEVONthink, the URL-link to the source of the article is retained. However, if I do anything at all to the article in DEVONthink, the URL is changed from for example:….


markdownifier.devontechnologies. … century%2F.

See image here: Skjermbilde 2017-04-30 kl. 22.11.55.png

This behaviour typically happens if I highlight some bits of text, edit the fonts or add an image that the markdownifier-service didn’t get (that is not a big problem).

The workaround is to manually copy and paste in the correct URL, but I would rather it didn’t change the URL in the first place. I’ve also tried to tick the “locked” box in the info panel, but the URL would still change.

I am doing something wrong? Tips and help much appreciated.

This will be fixed in the next maintenance release.

Thank you, just what I wanted to hear :wink:

Hi, Guys!

When opening a record from the list I get from a simple search, the markdownifier-url replaces the actual url. You aware of an issue like this?

What version of DEVONthink are you running?

DEVONthink Pro 2.9.13, macOS 10.12.6

Did you just clip this page or is it possibly an older one? I just tried in Pro 2.9.13 on 10.12.6 and it’s working as expected here.

Made that screenshot right before I posted.

I quit and then restarted DEVONthink and got the same behaviour. I restarted the Mac once I saw your post (quoted above) and that seems to have solved it.

I can’t think of anything I might have done to provoke this behaviour. Any particular things I should document if I experience a similar issue later? To help you find the bug, I mean?

Other than the URL you’re trying to clip, I can’t think of anything else right offhand.

Ok, thanks! :wink:

The web archive was clipped with an older version according to the screenshot, clipping it again should fix this.

Aha, that is good to know. I can lock records clipped before that particular release. Thanks! :wink: